Corey Feldman says he was stabbed, the police say he wasn't

Corey Feldman says he was stabbed, the police say he wasn't.
Corey Feldman Photo credit: Twitter

Corey Feldman has taken to social media to claim he was stabbed in a murder attempt, but the police are telling a different story.

The Goonies and Lost Boys star has made headlines in recent years over allegations of widespread paedophilia in the entertainment industry, claiming he was abused along with his co-star Corey Haim - who died in 2010.

Feldman has previously claimed that people have tried to kill him over his claims and now alleges a three man 'wolf pack' opened his car door in Los Angeles and stabbed him.

The LAPD, however, has told media he was not stabbed, had no lacerations and no additional injuries and drove himself to the hospital.

"I was attacked tonight... please say prayers for us," Feldman wrote on Twitter, in a series of all-caps messages with photos from hospital.

"Thank God it was only myself and my security in the car when three men approached. While security was distracted...a car pulled up an attacked. I'm OK.

"I have had mounting threats on all social media platforms by this vile 'wolfpack'."

Police say they are investigating the incident, but do not have a suspect description, nor determined what weapon was used in the alleged attack.


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