Did Rick Hoffman score the elusive Royal Wedding invite?

While once again revealing himself to be the biggest fan of The AM Show, Suits actor Rick Hoffman has let slip that he's still waiting on his invite to the Royal Wedding. 

After appearing as The AM Show's first guest last year, Hoffman said on Friday morning that he's "never been asked back on a morning show, based on my social awkwardness". 

"I'm very privileged to have you guys ask me back," he added. 

It's no secret that the actor is a fan of the show. He tweeted in December wishing all The AM Show team a "happy, healthy, holiday". 

Things got awkward on Friday morning when he hit up AM Show host Duncan Garner for not replying to another tweet, accusingly telling him: "You didn't even acknowledge me on Twitter!"  

Hoffman also opened up about how he was still pinching himself to be on the award-winning Suits eight seasons in, and said "anyone who complains when they have my job, please get out of the business". 

When asked if he would pinch himself with an invite to the Royal Wedding, Hoffman clearly was no fool.  

"Oh, look at you with the slide, trying to slide it in there," he laughed.

"Look, I think that being a part of MI6, if I tell you I'd have to come down there and...have a couple of drinks."

"I don't know if we're invited; I would love to be. I don't know it works! To be honest, it's other-worldly, you know, the whole royal thing is something I don't understand. 

"I don't want to be presumptuous and I don't want to guess, but I'd be honoured. But right now, I don't know."  

Suits, an American drama following a fictional New York law firm, is heading into its eighth season.

Hoffman has played sarcastic lawyer Louis Litt, a partner in the law firm, since season one.