Dom Harvey reveals new girlfriend

Edge breakfast host Dom Harvey revealed on air this morning he has a new girlfriend, speaking candidly to his co-hosts about the struggles of dating someone new. 

Harvey underwent a public split from his wife and former on-air co-host Jay-Jay Feeney last year, announcing "the magic spark has gone."

Not long afterwards, Feeney announced she was quitting the Edge after 23 years.

After keeping quiet on his personal life for several months, on Tuesday Harvey revealed he's dating a new woman "quite seriously", who he met at a party through mutual friends. 

While he didn't reveal the identity of the mystery woman, Harvey did allow his co-hosts, Megan Annear and Clinton Randell to drag some details out of him, including an evident age gap. 

"Well age is just a number really isn't it?" Harvey joked. "Probably better that I just say her age rather than how many years younger. She's early 30s." 

In typical fashion he also opened up about his sex life with his new partner, discussing the medical condition he suffers as result of a tumour on his lower abdomen. 

"Some real medical talk here... I have this condition called retrograde ejaculate which means when I have an orgasm nothing comes out... can you imagine how awkward it is explaining that to a new partner?"

Harvey and Feeney, who were together for 18 years and married for almost 14, first broke the news to listeners in August that they were living separately and had decided to separate. On air today, Harvey was quick to acknowledge the love he still has for his ex-wife and former co-host. 

"We had a lot of stuff going on and we just, you know, drifted apart," he explained. "We're still incredibly close; there's a lot of love there. You know if I happened to die early, she's one of the people that I would want to be in the room, you know I mean that to this day. 

"I just sort of met and started seeing someone else but you know, it's not something I really want to talk about too much because Jay-Jay was always more of an open book than me... I'm quite guarded.

"It's weird, you know when you're with someone for so long and then you start seeing someone else." 

Fans of the show posted their support for Harvey on Facebook. "So happy for you Dom! You're a great guy and deserve to be happy," one fan wrote. "Dom deserves happiness as well as Jay-Jay. Good on him!" wrote another.