Far Cry 5 live action short shows fatal baptism by controversial Christian death cult leader

  • 02/03/2018

In the latest trailer for Far Cry 5, a Christian death cult leader drowns a follower while baptising them in a river.

The game has already caused controversy by featuring rural American religious extremists as the villains, with online calls for a boycott and accusations it's a "white genocide simulator".

In the Baptism live action trailer, publisher Ubisoft offers a glimpse at "the birth of the biggest Far Cry villain ever created".

The game will follow Jerome Jefferies, a Gulf War veteran turned priest who falls victim to the homicidal cult of his former friend, Joseph Seed.

"Behind every villain is an unremarkable person with a remarkable story," says Ubisoft of the Baptism trailer.

"Discover Joseph Seed's journey before he became the Father, before Pastor Jerome was forced to forfeit his status as shepherd of the County's souls.'

Ubisoft has also announced a longer live action prequel, Inside Eden's Gate, to be released online ahead of the game's launch.

Set in the Far Cry 5 setting of Hope County, Montana, the approximately 30 minute video will serve as more of a backstory to the game.

Inside Eden's Gate can be streamed on Amazon Prime from next week before Far Cry 5 is released on March 27 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.