Freddie Highmore thinks he could do heart surgery

Freddie Highmore did the seemingly impossible by successfully and elegantly transitioning from child star to adult actor.

The British 26-year-old starred in blockbusters from a young age, including Finding Neverland and The Spiderwick Chronicles. 

As an adult he played the twisted Norman Bates in the TV series Bates Motel, a prequel of sorts to Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Psycho. 

But Highmore's break-out role was playing the poverty-stricken but cheerful Charlie Bucket in the 2005 film adaptation of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

"It was a wonderful first experience in terms of doing a big film," he says of the movie which also starred Johnny Depp. "I'll always remember it."

He was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for playing autistic surgeon Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor, which he says was a role that took some careful consideration.

"I think the first thing we all had to remember, alongside the great responsibility we were taking on, is that Shaun can never represent everyone who is on the spectrum," he said.

"It was as much about coming up with his unique story as it was of course remaining true to the realities of someone who has autism."

As part of the show, Highmore has had to learn a considerable amount of medical jargon which he admits may well have given him too much confidence in his life-saving abilities.

"I do sometimes get the temptation to put my hand up and claim to be [a doctor]."

He says he would "maybe" volunteer if someone needed medical attention on a flight, but added it would be "very dangerous" if he did.

"We've done a few heart surgeries this season so I feel like I'd have a pretty good idea of how to open up a chest," he joked.

"Put some gloves on, that's a good start."


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