Georgia Nott wants another female artist to record The Venus Project Vol 2

Georgia Nott of Kiwi band Broods has already made a name for herself in the music industry. 

Now, the 23-year-old's released her first solo album, The Venus Project Vol 1, created entirely by women.

"It was the perfect opportunity for me to get my voice on more of a political level and more of a personal values level," says Nott.

It's a project to empower females and give them a voice in the male-dominated music industry. 

"My younger sister has been producing her own music since she was 14 and I don't want her to come into a studio and [have a man] tell her that he'll take it from there," says Nott. 

She and her brother Caleb quickly shot to fame with songs like 'Bridges'. But while she was recording albums and touring with Broods, Nott struggled to find her place as a woman in the industry. 

"Every time I saw a woman, I was surprised, and every time somebody saw me, they were surprised," she says.

"And it didn't really help with that sense of belonging, and I want women to feel like they belong in this industry."

That was the inspiration behind the The Venus Project Vol 1, and Nott says working with women gave her more confidence.

"I think I was different working with women. I was way more confident, I was way more assertive. I didn't doubt myself, I didn't doubt my instincts."

In the ten-track album, Nott sings an honest perspective of her life as a female, opening up about her battle with anxiety. 

"As somebody that has struggled a lot with anxiety and it has for a while been such an obstacle for me going and trying to do what I wanted to do with my life and it held me back quite a lot, and being able to be aware of the fact that this is just a part of me, it's not because of anything that's happened to me.

"At the end of the day, I'll always be this emotional and I'll always be very affected by my surroundings. It doesn't make me weak, it doesn't make me incapable, in fact it makes me strong and it makes me more capable."

Her track 'Need a Man' was inspired by Nott's fury at stories from around the globe of men not being held accountable for attacks on women.  

"I feel like a lot of women, even those who haven't been through that kind of thing, are enraged by those kinds of stories," says Nott. 

"When I was a kid or a teenager, I was told that I needed to be protected, or I needed to watch my back. That advice has been so ingrained in me that to this day, I still clench my fists when I walk past a group of men by myself, whether it's daytime or not. And I always pre-empt the worst and I don't think I should have to have that attitude towards men, because not all men are like that."

The album was released earlier this month and now that she's busy working on a third for Broods, Nott is looking to pass The Venus Project on to someone else for a second volume. 

"I would love to hand it over to another woman who has ideas and a voice that is worth hearing," she says.

"I know that my friend Tov Lo's just obsessed with self-expression, especially as a feminist, so maybe she can do the next one."

Regardless of who takes the reins on The Venus Project Vol 2, it's certain this inspiring Kiwi's voice won't be silenced. 


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