Guy Williams begs Helen Clark to unblock him on Twitter

The former Prime Minister of New Zealand has Guy Williams blocked on Twitter.

The comedian appeared as the fourth host of The Project on Wednesday night, and after Kanoa Lloyd's interview with Helen Clark, he made an embarrassing confession.

"I was doing a bit of research before the show, [and] I tried to check out her Twitter account. Turns out Helen Clark, former New Zealand Prime Minister, has blocked me on Twitter!"

Williams is adamant he's never tweeted anything nasty about Ms Clark.  In fact, he insist he's never mentioned her on Twitter at all.

"I'm pretty sure she finds me annoying in general," he speculated. "I don't know why."

Ms Clark is a prolific social media user, with thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers. She clearly isn't a fan of Williams' tweets, which are often about basketball.

The devastated comedian made a heartfelt plea to her live on air. 

"Helen, if you're watching, please unblock me," he said, directly into the camera.

"How else are you going to find out the Breakers results?"

Watch the full video on The Project.

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