'I utterly lost the plot': Jay-Jay Feeney talks depression and 'going crazy'

Jay-Jay Feeney
Feeney says she refers to her period off air as the "Great Depression". Photo credit: Instagram

In a revealing new interview, Jay-Jay Feeney has opened up about her mental health and decision to leave The Edge, saying at one point she felt so down she considered admitting herself to a psychiatric ward.

Last year, the ex-Edge breakfast host announced she was quitting the station after 23 years. It was recently announced she'll be hosting More FM's Drive show with Jason Gunn, starting in April.

The shift to afternoons will be a relief to Feeney, who told Woman's Day she believed the early starts of breakfast radio were the cause of her depression.

"When you're tired, everything is worse. It's so hard to get out of any slump," she explained.

"When you're constantly exhausted, it makes it really hard to cope when bad things happen."

That depression caused her to walk off air in October 2016, and she was later found crying in a bathroom. She stayed off air for a month afterwards, a period she now refers to as the 'Great Depression'.

"I completely, utterly lost the plot. I remember thinking I'd actually gone crazy," she told the women's magazine.

"I thought about going to hospital and admitting myself into the psych ward, I was that bad. I really needed help, but I was so scared it would make the news."

Now on a mental health journey, the Kiwi personality says she's "excited and energised" to start her new gig and new life down in Christchurch.

While her ex-husband and co-host Dom Harvey has recently announced he's seeing a new girlfriend, Feeney revealed she's only gone on "three official dates" which have been so far unsuccessful.

"I'm so not interested in a relationship right now," she said.

"I'm up for some fun times, but just don't pester me to move in. If love catches me by surprise, so be it - but I'm not really open to that right now."

If you wish to talk to someone about mental illness or domestic violence, you can call Lifeline on 0800 543 354, the Depression Helpline on 0800 111 757 or the National Telehealth Service on 1737.




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