Jeff Goldblum reads out the internet's thirstiest tweets about Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum.
Jeff Goldblum. Photo credit: Getty

The only thing better than Jeff Goldblum is Jeff Goldblum reading out tweets about Jeff Goldblum.

Buzzfeed became the real MVP of the day by making the Thor: Ragnarok actor read out some of the internet's thirstiest tweets about himself, and they did not disappoint.

For the uninitiated, a 'thirst tweet' is a tweet in which someone thirsts over another person, complimenting their existence in a way that expresses zero chill. 

Fans of the 65-year-old actor took to social media expressing their desire to marry him to having him murder them, and everything in between.

Tweets ranged from, "Jeff Goldblum always looks like he'd listen deeply to your sorrows & let you have his most expensive bottle of wine to make you feel better" to "I would let Jeff Goldblum rearrange my guts any day, that man exudes sexy and expensive."

One fan summed it up for all of us with the tweet, "The word daddy is for Jeff Goldblum and him alone."

Of course Goldblum responded to them in the most Goldblum way.

"I exude sexy and expensive? What does that mean? Any affection I have come to exchange has never been for recompense."

Watch the video for the full audio visual Goldblum experience.