Macaulay Culkin's new website ruthlessly mocks Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop

Former child star Macaulay Culkin has launched a Gwyneth Paltrow-inspired lifestyle website.

But instead of replicating the kind of advice offered by Paltrow's site Goop - putting rocks in your vagina or being deliberately stung by bees - Culkin's Bunny Ears makes fun of it.

"There's a hole in the 'celebrity lifestyle' articles market, and we're filling it with fun, unique satire," Culkin told Dazed magazine earlier this week.

Whilst Paltrow's site is deadly serious about peppermint that makes you horny and "surprisingly affordable" yachts, Bunny Ears is not.

For example, an article called 'Top Four Household Child-Killers' reveals them to be "poisons that look like food", "superfoods that are maybe actually poison", "actual poison" and "radioactivity". Another promises an "exclusive investigation" into whether planets have feelings.

Bunny Ears editor Shawn DePasquale said Buzzfeed parody site ClickHole and listicle experts Cracked are big inspirations.

"There's a manic irreverence there that is just deliciously entertaining."

Macaulay Culkin.
Macaulay Culkin. Photo credit: Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin told late night host Jimmy Fallon they were going for "Goop meets The Onion". The Onion is a long-running satirical website and newspaper, which owns ClickHole.

In a video uploaded to YouTube announcing Bunny Ears, Culkin poked fun at his child star status by calling himself "the kid from The Pagemaster" - a forgotten box office flop from 1994.

Culkin, 37, has had a haphazard career since quitting acting after The Pagemaster. Since finding fame in the Home Alone movies, he's appeared sporadically in cameo roles on TV and the big screen; fronted a comedy rock band who played songs by the Velvet Underground, but changed all the lyrics to be about pizza; dated That 70s Show actress Mila Kunis; and been in trouble with the law for drug possession.