Mark Richardson slams 'sanctimonious media sheep'

  • 06/03/2018

The AM Show host Mark Richardson has turned his scathing eye on the media, accusing journos of being "sanctimonious sheep".

"The papers have been annoying me, actually," he told his co-hosts Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies.

"Our writing journos at the moment - if you can call them journos, and that's loosely - they just seem to be sheep, wandering around on a field of sanctimony."

It was a controversial statement.

"You do know, don't you, that you sit in a newsroom," Garner said.

"You're sitting next to two journos," Gillies replied.

Richardson was quick to point out he wasn't referring to Newshub.

"Newshub, fantastic... I'm not having a pop at our Newshub people," he exclaimed.

"Maybe someone differentiate yourself from the rest by writing something that's actually difficult to justify, then have a go at justifying it."

But Richardson says he's not part of the industry he criticises. 

"I'm not a journo," Richardson argued.

"I'm not a journo and I'm not part of the media, alright. So don't include me in this lot."