Married At First Sight AU: Dean delivers encore of 'unforgivable' rap

Just when you thought the horror was over. 

In last night's episode of Married At First Sight Australia, tensions were running high at the "highly anticipated" dinner party. Despite being the cause of much of the tension, Dean appeared to take it upon himself to break it by delivering an encore of his pretty terrible rap from the home visits. 

The first time we saw "amateur"  hip hop artist Dean deliver a rap to his scorned wife Tracey, viewers labelled it  "painfully shit" and "the most cringey" moment on the show so far.

So everyone was left particularly confused when it was time for him to deliver it again, this time in front of the fellow couples.

"I think after everything we've all been through, especially Dean and I, I think you can see what a good place were in," Tracey said during her toast.  "A good part of that is something that's bonded us - surprisingly that's rapping." 

To much applause, 'Cyclone Tracey' and 'Hurricane Deano - "together the 'Perfect Storm'" - gave it their all.

If you've forgotten the lyrics to dean's rap, here they are:  

"Hey yo Tracey, my little lady, you drive me crazy. After last week on the couch, yo, I know you probably hate me. But you gave me a shot, you're so hot. And when we get to talking girl we stay up all night. It's all right, girl I got your back, if you got mine we gonna be alright. 

The pain was not finished yet though, as Tracey responded with her own rap.  

Telv spoke for all of us when he told the cameras "when I get really embarrassed for somebody I can't watch them," , miming how he held his hands over his eyes. 

One viewer took to Twitter to pen their own rap, in honour of the episode.

 The group had nothing but massive applause and cheers for the couple. Perhaps it was all that was needed for Dean to rebuild himself in the eyes of the group.

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