Married At First Sight Australia: Dean and Charlene's second fiery showdown

After an explosive showdown at last week's dinner party, the gloves were still well and truly off between Married At First Sight Australia participants Dean and Charlene, as well as Charlene's husband Patrick.

Dean is still haunted by his comments at the boys' night, in which he joked about the men swapping wives, and asked "who'd like to bang" his wife Tracey.

At Sunday night's commitment ceremony, Dean told the experts he "wasn't impressed" with Charlene's behaviour at the dinner party, where she slammed him for his "vile" comments.

"For Charlene to say that Patrick 'manned up' [at the dinner party], I disagree," Dean told the group.

"If you were really concerned about the women being disrespected, you would have said something on the night," he then directed at Patrick. "You would have manned up on the boys night [and] not waited until the next day and had your wife say it on your behalf."

"I don't need to, you're not my mate," Patrick fired back. "I'm not here to make mates. I'm here for [Charlene] and that's all I care about at this stage."

Charlene inevitably interjected, saying she "saw red" at the dinner party.

"It's about the level of respect you should have for women," she explained. "I was very clear last night - there's a level of respect for the opposite sex held by some men in this room and there's a level of respect held by the rest.

"Some men get together and they have this pack mentality and go to boy's club."

"The world is full of different types of people and there are all different types of people," was Dean's well-considered response.

When asked if he would say those things in front of the women of the experiment, he responded, "No, that's why you have them at the boy's night.

"They're a completely different conversation."

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