Married At First Sight Australia: Family dinner leads to savage argument over 'bold lies'

In the latest episode of Married At First sight Australia, it was time for another fiery argument between bickering couple Troy and Ashely, as they sat down with Ashley's parents for dinner. 

The pair have been spending time in Ashley's home city of Brisbane, and as usual, have had their fair share of ups and downs. Their quarrelling came to a head last night over dinner with Ashley's parents, as the blonde flight attendant grew annoyed with how long her husband was taking to tell a story to her father. 

As Troy opened up about their previous fights, including, cringingly, one about their sex life, Ashley appeared to grow more irritated.

"You never want to come off like that in front of your parents," she later complained in her one-on-one. "Like you're the snappy, naggy person in a relationship."

She reached breaking point when her father joked to Troy that he had "three daughters and none of them have patience!"

After dinner, in a row Ashley's father awkwardly observed from afar, she blew up at Troy for making her "look like the narky snappy one". 

'Do you understand how that made me look?' she screamed at her husband. She then accused Troy of telling "bold lies" to her parents over previous arguments, to which Troy responded it was "water under the bridge". 

"'You know my feelings for you. You know I'm crazy about you, girl."

You can watch the full episode of Married At First Sight Australia on Three Now. 



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