Married At First Sight Australia finale: Shock as boys' night, affair video is rolled out

Last night meant the finale episode of the fifth season of Married At First Sight Australia, and it was time for some bombshell truths to be revealed. 

The show's participants reunited for one last session with the experts to address the highs and lows of their relationships across the season. To the discomfort of some though, new drama was created during the watching of some old tape.

Footage of both the infamous boys' night and Dean and Davina's secret meet-ups was shown to the group, and it was as shocking as you can imagine.

Dean and Justin both claimed to remember nothing incriminating about the notorious evening of drinking and "wife-swapping'" chat, both claiming they thought they said nothing disrespectful.

The tapes told a different story, however.

Footage showed Justin saying he would like to trade Carly for Ashley and Dean saying he felt a "vibe" between him and Carly.

For the first time all season however, Dean actually apologised for his actions.

"To see all the reactions, I can definitely understand why you think it's a bit disrespectful and inappropriate and I apologise to all the women here."

Even more uncomfortable to watch was video of Dean and Davina's affair.

The group gasped in shock when Davina told Dean, "I wanna kiss you bad." But the real clincher was Dean telling Davina, "Tracey's looks aren't her best quality."

In the silence that followed, Tracey took on Davina.

'Before [you] even knew the situation between us, you were straight out the gate to take Dean from me regardless of what we were gonna say on the couch the next day, and this is unacceptable," Tracey told the bikini model.

"And you have no morals and no values... Women like you think they can just get away with it because of the way you look."

On those bombshells it was time to call time on the most scandalous season yet of the Aussie television show, meaning broken hearts and Kiwis wondering what to watch next.

But rumours are swirling that Channel Nine might be considering making a spinoff show following unexpected couples Tracey and Sean, and Troy and Carly, so stay tuned.

You can watch the full final episode of Married At First Sight Australia on Three Now.


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