Miley Cyrus says she regrets 'Wrecking Ball'

We all go through a bit of a wild stage, and for Miley Cyrus that time was 2013, when her hair was chopped off into a pixie cut and she was twerking on Robin Thicke at the VMAs. 

But probably the most defining moment was Cyrus atop a giant concrete wrecking ball swinging through a warehouse space, wearing only white tank top and matching underwear. 

The 24-year-old star was asked to play a game of 'Marry, Eff, Kill' during an interview with a local radio station.  

She applied it to three of her hit singles, declaring she'd marry 'The Climb', 'eff' 'Seven Things' and kill 'Wrecking Ball'. 

"That's something you can't take away - swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever," Miley joked. "Once you do that, it's forever.

"I'm never living that down. I will always be the naked girl on a wrecking ball."

She added that she should have thought more about the signature move from the video - the sledgehammer lick.  

"I should have thought how long that was going to follow me around."

"That's my worst nightmare - that being played at my funeral."

Controversial photographer Terry Richardson directed the video, and the song was rumoured to have been about Miley's split from Liam Hemsworth that year.



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