Neil Finn talks to the AM Show about his greatest songs and the sweatiest venues

Neil Finn joined The AM Show on Thursday morning to reflect on his career ahead of his upcoming concerts.

The 59-year-old Split Enz and Crowded House rocker has recently toured with his son Liam and other family members and said he loves seeing multiple generations of fans in his audiences.

Host Duncan Garner shared his own memories of seeing Finn perform over the years - including at the "dreadful" Supertop, a notorious Auckland venue.

"It was a shocking venue," Finn said.

"The roof used to drip with the sweat of the combined punters. It was horrible."

Finn didn't want to name a favourite song of his - saying it was akin to choosing a favourite child. But he assured fans he'll be playing classics as well as his new stuff.

"I love all of them, I'm actually very pleased to play any of the old songs. Some people might wonder if I get sick of them, but I certainly don't. I love playing them," he said.

"But I love the new stuff more than anything, really... and it's great when those new songs get picked up and appreciated by the audience."

In terms of other musicians he admires the most, Finn cited Neil Young, saying he always remained "totally true to himself".

Finn performs with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at the Festival Playground Music Arena this Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10.


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