Norwegian pop star Sigrid tipped for world domination

It's about to be a busy year for Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid, who's been named by the BBC as the artist to watch for 2018.

She was in New Zealand last week for a brief tour, and sat down to talk about her prize, her music - and the one thing she had to do while she was here.

In January, she won the coveted Sound of 2018 award - joining past winners  Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, and Adele.

"I was hoping for top five, so winning the poll this year was amazing, and there's so many cool artists on that list this year, so really cool!" she told Newshub.

And she's the first winner ever from outside the UK and US.

"It's still hard to believe that it actually happened. To get that recognition in a country I'm not from."

The 21-year-old has just a handful of songs to her name - but they've been played more than a 100 million times on Spotify.

She says streaming makes it easier for those from smaller countries to make it big.

"I remember when I first discovered Lorde, for instance, I was sitting back home in my house in Ålesund, I was listening to this artist from New Zealand, how weird is that?"

She says the drip-feeding of songs is deliberate - as her songwriting approach is methodical.

"I think writing sessions are 80 percent talking and 20 percent actually working. When I write songs I want the songs to have a certain message, to mean something not only to me but to try to make it mean something to someone else too."

Sigrid was in New Zealand for a slot at Auckland City Limits - and the night before played in Dunedin to a crowd of students her own age.

"When I started doing music I never thought it'd be possible to get my music across the borders. And now we're here in New Zealand, it's really cool!"

Her whirlwind world tour means she usually only sees venues and hotels - but she made sure to plan for some downtime in New Zealand.

"We had to plan a hike. It's impossible going to New Zealand without hiking. I would be stupid!"

With her debut album due this year, expect Sigrid to hike up the charts once again soon.


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