Oscars 2018: Did Taraji P Henson just throw major shade at Ryan Seacrest?

Oscars 2018: Did Taraji P Henson just throw major shade at Ryan Seacrest?
Photo credit: E!

Taraji P Henson may have just thrown some major shade at Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars 2018 red carpet, sending the internet into overdrive.

Amid rising demonstrations of the Time's Up movement, the host - who is facing sexual harassment accusations - asked the actress what she thought of Mary J Blige's Oscar-nomination for her song on Mudbound.

"You know what, the universe has a way of taking care of good people," the Empire star replied.

"You know what I mean?" she asked, tapping him on the bottom of the chin.

Taraji P Henson appears to glare at Ryan Seacrest.
Taraji P Henson appears to glare at Ryan Seacrest. Photo credit: ABC

"I agree," he responded.

However social media users suspect she wasn't referencing Blige, but instead claiming karma could be coming Seacrest's way following the accusations, which he and his employer E! have adamantly denied.

The clip of Henson and Seacrest's interaction is doing the rounds on Twitter.

"Taraji P Henson telling Ryan Seacrest about himself... omg," one Twitter user said.

"I literally just gasped out loud at Taraji bopping Seacrest on the chin while shading his character," another said.

Directly after speaking to Seacrest, Henson spoke to ABC interviewer Wendi McClendon-Covey and gave more clout to the fans' theory.

When McClendon-Covey asked how Henson was doing, she replied: "I'm great, now that I'm in your company."

Just one week before the Oscars, Seacrest's  former stylist, Suzie Hardy, alleged he groped her genitals, slapped her bottom and put his penis against her.

Hardy claims the situation came to an end in 2013, saying she was fired from her position after coming forward to human resources.

E! has since issued a statement saying an investigation found "insufficient evidence to support the claims against Seacrest".

"E!'s investigation was extremely comprehensive and thorough," a spokesperson told Variety, to which Hardy replied saying she felt E! was always on Seacrest's side.

"Any claims that question the legitimacy of this investigation are completely baseless," E! then responded.


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