Pacific Rim Uprising review

If you love big robots and big monsters and you like them fighting each other, well head to your nearest cinema - Pacific Rim Uprising has landed.

Just when you thought the apocalypse was well and truly cancelled, Pacific Rim Uprising is here to remind us that nothing is ever truly cancelled; there will always be another apocalypse to watch on the big screen.

So yes, no more Idris Elba, but his son, Jake (John Boyega), uprises for this sequel, which - just like the original - does exactly what it says on the tin.

After the earlier robot-monster smack-down, the world has been slowly recovering. The nasty Kaiju are seemingly dormant and Jake makes a living not as a Jaeger hero like his father, but as a pilfering party boy.

Of course he will soon be called upon to cancel his own apocalypse - Dirty Harry's son, Scott, dragging him back into the Jaeger-Kaiju fray.

Cue the mass destruction of whole cities, lots of yelling "HELL YEAH" and a metric tonne of mostly pretty cool CGI.

I get it, you're not forking out hard-earned cash for memorable dialogue and rousing speeches; you're doing it for big robots smashing big monsters into the next century.

History will no doubt judge me harshly for wanting both! So sure, not exactly my bag but it might be yours.

Two-and-a-half stars.


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