Parris Goebel doubles down on Woman's Day attack after apology from editor

Parris Goebel
Goebel has slammed the magazine's apology as "pathetic". Photo credit: Getty.

Parris Goebel has written a scathing Instagram post slamming the "pathetic" apology given to her by Woman's Day editor Sido Kitchin.

The Kiwi choreographer attacked the magazine on Sunday, saying she was "disgusted and disappointed" in the magazine's profile of her, which it teased with the line "from suicidal to superstar".

Goebel was angry Woman's Day chose to focus on her history with depression and mental illness.

"Wow, how insensitive and what a sad way to portray a painful part of my life to try and sell your magazine!" she wrote.

Woman's Day editor Sido Kitchin released a statement to TVNZ, apologising for causing offence.

"Parris is incredibly inspirational and I thought her courage in speaking out would potentially be very helpful - particularly in New Zealand, where youth suicide rates are the worst in the developed world - and I was proud to carry a story that would increase much-needed  conversation around this area of mental health," Kitchin said.

Goebel posted a screenshot of the apology to Instagram on Monday, writing that "if this was your form of an apology to me this is pathetic".

She continued: "If you really had my best interest you should have asked for my consent. You know exactly what you have done and no one is falling for this rubbish attempt of you covering your ass. But nice try anyways babe!"

The post garnered over 2000 likes in its first hour.

Goebel also posted a video from the photo shoot, captioning it "When Woman's Day play you but you still look cute doeee" (sic).

The article was timed to promote the release of Goebel's book Young Queen, which is due out this Thursday, March 15.