Red Sparrow complaints merely 'clickbait' - Kate Rodger

Film reviewer Kate Rodger says some of the criticism of Jennifer Lawrence's latest film is simply 'clickbait'.

Red Sparrow is a mystery spy film which follows a ballerina who is forced into the Russian intelligence service where she must use her body as a weapon.

The film made headlines this week after some social media users labelled it "disgusting" and claimed to have walked out before it finished.

"One of the tweets was somebody saying they walked out because it was 'too long'. For goodness sake, these clickbait headlines are doing my head in," Rodger told The AM Show.

However, she says the film does feature graphic violence and isn't for everyone.

"Some people have been finding the violence a bit much," said Rodger.

"It's quite brutal, there's a couple of decent torture scenes in there, a bit of nudity."

She says she closes her eyes in particularly violent movie scenes, but often enjoys the sorts of films that feature such scenes for the adult stories they contain.

Rodger says Red Sparrow is worth seeing solely for Lawrence's performance - as well as the eye candy.

"I tell you what, the winter fashion season has been kicked off with Red Sparrow. I'm all about the fur hats and things," she says.

Red Sparrow is rated R16 and in New Zealand cinemas now.


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