Review: Annihilation is now permanently intertwined with my cinematic DNA

Alex Garland's latest film, Annihilation, has been released and if you love sci-fi - you should not miss it.

However, every now and then, silly people we don't know in boardrooms a long, long way away make unfortunate decisions about what they think we want to see at the movies.

So we don't have the choice to watch this gripping, immersive new sci-fi as we were meant to watch it - on the big screen - but at least, thanks to Netflix, we can watch at home.

Just make sure the kids well and truly tucked away fast asleep in their beds when you do.

Natalie Portman is Lena, a biologist. Her husband Kane (Oscar Isaac) is in the military.

When he goes missing and is presumed dead, she gets the unexpected opportunity to join an expedition heading off in search for him.

But he's gone missing in a very unusual place. And when I say unusual, I really mean terrifying.

Prepare yourself for a couple of things - some R-rated violence for one. More importantly, be ready for the very good chance you will sit dazed as the final credits roll, with a thousand more questions than you went in with.

Annihilation is now permanently intertwined with my cinematic DNA and I suspect I'll be pondering aspects of this story until the end of recorded time.

It did lack the depth of peripheral character development, but there is too much else going on to really call that a big flaw.

Find it, watch it, then obsess about it.

Four-and-a-half stars.

* Annihilation is available to view now, via Netflix.


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