Run the Jewels star Killer Mike apologises, hits back after controversial pro-gun interview stance

US rapper Killer Mike has been forced to defend his stance on gun ownership after receiving widespread criticism after giving an interview to NRA TV.

The Run the Jewels star, who helped-co produce a remix of Lorde's 'Supercut' last month, surprised fans with his strong stance for gun ownership.

Killer Mike is known for siding with progressive issues and was a strong advocate for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign.

In the interview with NRA TV host Colion Noir, the 'Don't Die' rapper tackled the topic of the national walkout by US school students in protest against gun ownership, and 'joked' that if his kids walked out of school - they should walk out of his house, too.

In a new video posted to Killer Mike's official Facebook page, he apologised for those comments, and said the interview was used by the NRA "to disparage a very noble campaign that I actually support".

He said he respected the leadership of the students who had supported the rally.

'I wanna say I'm sorry guys... [telling my son to walk out of my house] were because he's flunking math and I really want him to go to college and make something of himself, so I was mad enough to kick his butt that day. But I'll let you know he skipped after lunch and participated, because that's what kids do.

Killer Mike said many of his fellow supporters of issues such as the rights of women, people of colour and the LGBT community were at the march and that the timing of the NRA interview's release was "wrong".

"I'm willing to follow your lead so lead the way," he added, in a direct address to the young people organising the march. 

"I support the march and I support black people owning guns. It's possible to do both."

Killer Mike also defended his stance with a series of tweets to people attacking him over it.

"Sorry my interview about "black gun owners" was used in the wrong way but, hey there's people having far worse day," he wrote.

He also defended comments made about people of colour owning and training with guns.

To someone that tweeted questioning his so-called support of the NRA given his previous criticism of lobbyists controlling the government, Killer Mike responded "*yall can tear the org [organisation] apart".

The interview was deemed especially controversial as hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets Saturday for March for Our Lives. But Killer Mike said that while the NRA used the interview to "inflame organisers of this worthy march", that wasn't his intention.




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