Ryan Seacrest may be pulled from red carpet coverage - reports

Ryan Seacrest
Seacrest has faced sexual misconduct allegations from a former stylist. Photo credit: Reuters

Rumours are swirling in Hollywood that E! red carpet stalwart Ryan Seacrest may soon be pulled from red carpet coverage, following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Seacrest has recently denied the accusations, given by a former wardrobe stylist Suzie Hardy. She alleged he groped her genitals, slapped her bottom and put his penis against her during her time at E!.

While both Seacrest and the network claim the allegations are baseless, there can be no doubt it's sent the network into upheaval. 

Radar Online reports E! executives are "in panic mode" and are considering replacing Seacrest as host on future red carpets.

"[Seacrest] knows that they simply cannot afford to lose fans or ratings over this. They are considering replacing him on the red carpet, at least for the near future," an insider allegedly told the website.

"Of course Ryan's devastated. He was not able to get interviews with so many of the huge celebrities that he's used to getting.

"He is starting to realize just how much this is impacting his reputation."

An E! spokesperson called the story "completely false" and said in a statement that "there is zero truth to this story."

Despite the fact their internal investigation revealed found "insufficient evidence" to support claims, there is no doubt Seacrest's image has been tarnished.

During this year's Oscars, all his pre-interviews were delayed in order to avoid any live TV confrontations. On the red carpet, Seacrest missed out on interviewing his usual Hollywood heavyweights, including all of the best actress nominees.

An interview with Taraji P Henson triggered speculation the actress was throwing shade at the host over the allegations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ratings for E!'s Live From the Red Carpet fell 35 percent from 2017, further than ABC's ratings dip for the ceremony itself.

Radar Online reports American Idol execs are also nervous about how the upcoming season will play out, with host Seacrest's sexual harassment scandal on his heels.

"Producers are freaking out because they do not want people to tune out or boycott the show due to Ryan hosting," an insider claimed.

"The problem is that he is already so ingrained in the show and its entire production."




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