Stranger Things fan gets surprise after no one shows at birthday party

Milly Bobby Brown and Aaron Alambat.
Milly Bobby Brown and Aaron Alambat. Photo credit: Getty/Twitter

Members of the cast of Netflix's Stranger Things have come to the rescue of a young fan on Twitter, saying they will go to his birthday party next year after none of his classmates showed.

Aaron Alambat's older sister Ayen tweeted pictures of him at his mostly empty Stanger Things-themed party, showing him celebrating the milestone all by himself.

"My brother invited eight of his classmates for his Stranger Things themed [birthday] party and none of their punk selves showed up."

Social media users were quick to respond to the tweet, with many commenting to wish Aaron a happy birthday.

"Maybe they were in the Upside Down. Anyways, happy birthday to your brother," one user wrote.

"Happy belated, baby brother! What's his name? I'll shout him out on @SIRIUSXM 51. (I have a feeling those kids are gonna be *begging* to go to his party next year.)," another said.

After the tweet started gaining traction it was noticed by child star Millie Bobby Brown, who plays lead character Eleven on the show.

Feeling sorry for the young boy, she said to hold a place for her next year - and her co-star Gaten Matarazzo quickly saying he'd join her.

"Oh Well You can let them all know that everyone on behalf on Stranger Things would've come! I think your awesome and next year I would like an invite... Please," Brown wrote.

"Count me in too!  I'll bring the chocolate pudding," Matarazzo said.

Ms Alambat was of course as calm as anyone would be in this situation, responding in a series of all caps tweets that they were welcome to come along.


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