The new Tomb Raider is the female action hero we need

In 2013, the iconic Tomb Raider franchise underwent one of the most successful reboots in videogame history... now movie fans can share in what gamers enjoyed so much.

The new Lara Croft is one of the more memorable characters in recent years; a kick-ass woman stronger than any of the men around her, but with a vulnerability that makes her not only believable, but surprisingly relatable.

The game had a dark, serious tone that gave it an impact its predecessors lacked, but it lost none of the charm that comes from going on an adventure in a forgotten, exotic world in search of sweet, sweet treasure.

This year, the Tomb Raider film franchise is finally undergoing the rebirth fans deserve, with Alicia Vikander bringing Lara Croft to life for the big screen.

If you think she's a clichéd, brainless bimbo who simply has to look good for guys, pulling off outrageous manoeuvres with her hair and make-up staying miraculously perfect, you're wrong.

Way wrong.

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in 2018 film Tomb Raider.
Photo credit: MGM

Vikander may be one of the sexiest women working in Hollywood, sure, but prepare to see her covered head-to-toe in mud, sweat and blood. There's nothing sexy about that. She's a grounded hero with a complex, fascinating story in which she calls the shots.

The new Tomb Raider reclaims the pop culture icon that is Lara Croft for a modern, post-#MeToo world.

There's also a much grittier tone to the new Tomb Raider than many will be expecting. Stop thinking Indiana Jones, start thinking Jason Bourne - but as well as battling sinister human forces out to destroy the world, throw in epic, edge-of-your seat battles against the epic forces of nature.

The trailers have shown off Lara savagely dealing out justice with her ice axe and bow & arrow - this is not your mother's Tomb Raider. It looks brutal.

Lara's journey in the new Tomb Raider will take her to a remote and hostile island in Japan, invoking the country's ancient myths and legends. History fans will be thrilled with the inclusion of Himiko, the captivating Japanese shaman queen who has divided scholars for millennia.

Although Lara's legend has only existed since 1996, in 2018 she is being reborn for a new generation to hopefully become the female action hero we all need right now.

Tomb Raider is on in cinemas now.

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