Viewers outraged after 'cruel, shocking' US Bachelor twist

The Bachelor
Viewers were left shocked and appalled after the twist ending. Photo credit: ABC

Warning: this article contains spoilers. 

Viewers of The Bachelor US have taken to social media to express disgust at what some are calling the reality show's "most dramatic finale of all time".


In the three hour final episode of season 22, Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr proposed to - and then promptly dumped - winner Becca Kufrin to be with runner-up Lauren Burnham.

The episode, which aired Monday in the US (local time), unusually continued after the proposal ceremony, reportedly leaving viewers confused and suspicious on social media.

Its broadcaster, the ABC network, arranged a "secret getaway" for the couple in Los Angeles, during which Arie sat Becca down and told her he couldn't stop thinking about Lauren, and had to follow his heart to be with her.

"I've been really trying to sort my feelings out and grasp this whole thing and the reality of it is, being with you, even though it's been everything that I wanted, I still think about her and I think you sense that," he said.

"Are you f**king kidding me?" was Becca's immediate response, as Arie tried to explain his case.

The whole process of the break-up was billed by ABC as "the first completely unedited scene in reality TV history".

But viewers have bitten back, outraged at both Arie and the network for "tricking" Becca into thinking she was embarking on a couples' weekend in Los Angeles, only to be ambushed and dumped on camera.

"I can't believe this whole thing was filmed. Becca is a human being who deserves the privacy to cry and scream! ABC and The Bachelor should be ashamed," one viewer wrote.

"No one should ever sign their lives away like this! It's embarrassing!"

"I'm not even mad that Arie changed his mind. Whatever. I'm PISSED that someone told Becca she was going to a 'happy couple getaway' but actually was going there to be publicly dumped and humiliated. F**k off ABC," another wrote.

Others took their outrage out on the Bachelor himself.

Arie and Becca, along with runner-up turned 'winner' Lauren, will be reunited in the 'After the Rose' episode, which airs in US this week.




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