'You couldn't script this' - Married At First Sight Australia love expert John Aiken refutes actor claims

On The AM Show on Friday morning, Married At First Sight Australia star John Aiken insisted again that the show does not feature actors.

He's one of the 'love experts' that matches couples and then provides commentary throughout the series.

Aiken acknowledged the controversial nature of the TV show, but denied any element of scripting, as he has many times with other media.

"I get asked that, I get stopped in the supermarket about that. People are outraged that actors could be on the show," said Aiken.

"What I can say is that that is not the truth. You couldn't script this, it is not orchestrated, it's unpredictable. We're stressed when we watch it because we don't know what they're going to do."

Aiken says the show has become such a hit because viewers get very involved and end up screaming at their television sets.

"We certainly cop a lot of flak. It's part-and-parcel of doing this show, you've got to have pretty thick skin," said Aiken.

"People really do tend to throw a lot at the experts. What happens onscreen with the participants is often blamed on the experts - if the newlyweds don't make it over the line, people really attack us.

"But we use the science, we match them and then we sit back and watch like everybody else, to see if they can do it. Some of them work, some of them don't."

Aiken is a friend of AM Show hosts Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson and joked that his experience with them influences how he approaches Married At First Sight Australia.

"Often I'm sitting in front of these strangers and I'm thinking, 'What would Mark Richardson do right now?'"

Married At First Sight Australia can be streamed for free via ThreeNow.


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