Zane Lowe: One of NZ's best-known exports that few Kiwis have heard of

He is one of the biggest wheels in the music industry, but would you recognise him if you saw him?

Kiwi DJ Zane Lowe is far less likely to be mobbed by fans here in New Zealand than overseas, despite being a rapper and producer for hip-hop bands Urban Disturbance and Breaks Co-Op.

He is also one of the UK's most respected music interviewers on BBC Radio 1. 

His BBC show ran from 2003 to 2015, and during that time he interviewed big hitters like Eminem, Kanye West, Adele and Sir Paul McCartney.

He's consistently in demand as a live DJ, opening for a broad range of acts, from Skrillex to Foo Fighters. Basically, name a big pop star, and Lowe's probably met them.

So why is he home - and why did The Project team catch up with him? It's not to interview Lorde (he's already done that). 

He is here to star in a beer advertisement, which basically means now he has made it big in New Zealand.

Check out the full interview with Zane Lowe above.