Review: A Quiet Place is a truly frightening new flick

Hollywood husband-and-wife duo John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have hit the big screen together, in a frightening new flick called A Quiet Place.

Imagine having to live a life so silently you can't even sneeze without a truly terrifying flesh-eating alien monster pouncing on you from a nearby cornfield. Then imagine you have young kids. Welcome to A Quiet Place.

Krasinski stars alongside and directs his own wife, Blunt, in this terrifically told tale of no sound and much fury.

They're parents doing everything they can to protect their young family and survive on a planet populated by ghastly alien creatures - creatures who can't see so well but who have very, very good hearing. So simple, so very scary.

The performances here are so heavily reliant on a far more expressive and physical delivery, given there is barely any dialogue. Blunt is in her element and the young cast are excellent.

I don't really want to say much more; in fact you have everything you need to know. Clearly, this is a fright fest, but I have a very low blood, guts and gore threshold, and for those with a similarly squeamish disposition but who do enjoy the odd fright, then this is your kind of alien film.

A Quiet Place really is one of those films I far prefer to make a lot of noise about. It is so clever in its simplicity, building tension so excruciatingly well, that I was left a quivering, shaking, giggling, freaked-out, hot mess. Brilliant.



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