Banker David Schwimmer gets a new job as London Stock Exchange, Friends confusion ensues

Ross from Friends.
Ross from Friends. Photo credit: NBC

London's Stock Exchange has found itself in the middle of some confusion after announcing David Schwimmer as its new chief executive.

No, it's not the man who played Ross in the sitcom Friends. The man hired is actually a former Goldman Sachs banker with the same name, BBC News reports.

He's replacing Xavier Rolet in London's most lucrative role after Mr Rolet quit following a boardroom argument in 2017.

Twitter was quick to notice the new CEO's name, flooding social media with Friends jokes and GIFs.

"I'm sure David Schwimmer of London Stock Exchange has heard all the jokes about being from Friends before but has David Schwimmer from Friends heard jokes about being from the London Stock Exchange?" one user wrote.

"David Schwimmer may be the new head of the London Stock Exchange Group, but Jennifer Aniston has been the Senior HR Manager at Samsung Electronics for over eight years," another said.

Far from the LSE, David Schwimmer the actor is currently still working on Hollywood. He's currently executive producer on the series That's Harassment, which details women's experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace.


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