Black Panther becomes first movie played in Saudi Arabia for 30 years

Saudi Arabia has just held its most significant movie premiere in 30 years.

In fact, it's the only movie premiere held in that time - because cinemas were banned for being sinful, ITV News reports.

But the country has a new, reforming Crown Prince who is determined to rewrite the script.

In the symbolic move, women and men - not segregated - gathered in the same cinema to watch the blockbuster film Black Panther.

Usually Saudi Arabians would have to venture outside the country to neighbouring Dubai or Bahrain to watch it.

"We want to ensure movies are in line and respect our values, meanwhile we want to provide people with a beautiful show," Cultural Minister Awwad Al Awwad said.

The superhero film has already smashed records across the globe and has raked in US$1.282 billion (NZ$1.765 billion) worldwide so far, making it the 10th highest-grossing film of all time.


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