David Seymour skewered by judges, Twitter after 'awkward' jive on Dancing with the Stars NZ

  • 30/04/2018

David Seymour has made his dancing debut - and the response was less than positive.

The second episode of Three's Dancing with the Stars NZ aired on Monday evening, featuring a memorable jive from the ACT party leader.

His introductory video contained a disclaimer from professional dancer Amelia that Mr Seymour was "not a natural-born dancer".

The pair opted for a retro vibe for their routine, with Mr Seymour dismounting from a motorcycle and whipping off a leather jacket and sunglasses to the opening chords of The Knack's 'My Sharona'.

One of his opening moves was what was described on Twitter as a "leg wobble thing".

Sporting a game face, Mr Seymour went on to demonstrate some ungainly footwork and questionable timing.

His legs were a focus of the judge's critique, with Camilla pointing out that "you could drive that motorbike through your legs".

Rachel said he looked "awkward" throughout the routine, but said she believes he'll improve with time.

Julz remarked that the jive probably isn't for him, and that it often looked more like a hoedown.

The duo received 15 points, the lowest score of all the contestants.

Twitter was not kind to Mr Seymour.

Satirical art history account NZ Art Parallels compared Seymour lifting his partner to a classical sculpture of Hades assaulting Persephone.

However there were some Seymour supporters who praised the routine, including filmmaker and journalist David Farrier.