Emma Watson's baby bangs provoke fierce online debate

  • 09/04/2018
Emma Watson slammed for allegedly launching terf bangs trend.
Photo credit: Instagram

Emma Watson unveiled her new baby bangs in January, reportedly starting a micro-fringe trend that is continuing to divide internet users.

The Harry Potter star's hairdo is being referred to by some as "terf bangs" - as in, a look synonymous with 'trans-exclusionary radical feminists'.

UK tabloid The Sun has apologised to Watson in a headline for a recent story that compared her look to "the one your mum used to trim with a pudding bowl".

"First Emma Watson went for the chop and then the likes of Emma Roberts and Alison Sudol have followed suit... [cutting] their hair so short that they have tiny tufty tresses on their forehead," writes Lauren Windle.

"It seems the world has a split opinion on the micro-fringe trend... it would be fair to say that we are struggling to embrace the tuft trend."

Other publications, however, are less negative, with Teen Vogue calling the look "so now".

"Though she's had a pixie cut in the past, the new bangs are choppy and rest about halfway on her forehead which is quite the departure from the long locks we've seen on her over the last five or so years," writes Alyssa Hardy.

"If you want to get bangs, feel free to take Emma's selfie to the salon with you."

On Twitter, the comments about Watson's bangs are mixed, but many are less than kind.