'F**k you': Miley Cyrus rescinds apology for risqué decade-old photo

  • 30/04/2018
'F**k you': Miley Cyrus rescinds apology for risqué decade-old photo
Photo credit: Getty/ file

Miley Cyrus has retracted an apology she gave over a controversial photo shoot she starred in as a 15-year-old, and has delivered a message for the haters.

A revealing Vanity Fair photoshoot in 2008 showed the starlet wrapped in nothing but a satin sheet while looking into the camera lens.

Cyrus was the star of Disney's popular tween series Hannah Montana at the time of the portrait, which was shot by the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

It prompted public outcry from people who deemed it to be inappropriate and overtly sexual, and Cyrus at the time issued an apology amidst the controversy.

"I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic', and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed," she said in a statement at the time.

"I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologise to my fans, who I care so deeply about."

The musician has clearly had a change of heart a decade on. She tweeted a photo of an old New York Post article which carried the headline 'Miley's Shame'.

"IM NOT SORRY F**K YOU," Cyrus said in her tweet.

At the time of the controversy, a representative for Vanity Fair and Ms Leibovitz said Cryus' family were at the shoot and everyone had agreed that it was "a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley".

They also pointed out that while Cyrus appeared to be nude, she was not in fact topless.