Fan creates 29-page PowerPoint to 'prove' Lorde and Jack Antonoff are secretly dating

Lorde and Jack Antonoff at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala in New York.
Lorde and Jack Antonoff at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala in New York. Photo credit: Getty

A Lorde superfan has taken a deep dive into the relationship between the Kiwi singer and her producer Jack Antonoff, in light of rumours that the pair is dating.

On Friday, Hillary Dale shared a 29-page PowerPoint presentation detailing what she calls the "emotionally broken journey" between the two.

The document contains timelines, a relationship map, and a track-by-track lyric analysis of Melodrama as so-called "proof" of an affair.

Speculation of a romance between Lorde and Melodrama producer Antonoff has been swirling since Antonoff publicly split with long-time girlfriend Lena Dunham in December 2017.

In January, Antonoff denied the claim, calling it "dumb heteronormative gossip". 

Lorde also spoke out about the rumours in February.

"Guys no! Jack and I are not dating...I love him. He's awesome, but we're not dating!"

However, Ms Dale says she believes the public is being "lied to".

"I recently made a claim that Lorde & Jack Antonoff are together & it's taken me on a strange journey to the Truth, which I present to you in the way I best express myself  PowerPoint," she wrote in a tweet on Friday.

While most of Ms Dale's presentation consists of gossip and assumptions, it is certainly compelling.

She argues the pair got together sometime during the recording of Melodrama in 2016, when Lorde was spending most of her time at Antonoff's studio inside the home he shared with Dunham.

For a large portion of the year Dunham was away campaigning for Hillary Clinton, "evidence" Ms Dale says supports her claim.

While the meanings behind Lorde's lyrics are obviously subjective, Ms Dale drew her own conclusions. She contends Melodrama single 'Green Light' is not about being cheated on, but being the other woman.

"[Lorde] says it's about her first major heartbreak, which I think is a reference to being with someone who can't fully be with you," Ms Dale wrote.

"The 'green light' is Jack and Lena breaking up.

"Additionally," she wrote: "Does this look to you like someone who hates the beach? No. Windbreaker over here though is another story. I rest my case."

Here, Ms Dale recalls the lyrics to 'Green Light': "She thinks you love the beach, you're such a damn liar."

Another Melodrama track, 'Sober', references a relationship between "Jack and Jill", which Ms Dale says symbolises Antonoff and Lorde.

Some pieces of evidence are more convincing than others. For example, Ms Dale also jokes that the affair was the reason Donald Trump was elected as US President, and that Drake track 'Summer Sixteen' was written in honour of Lorde and Antonoff.

Whether or not you take any of this "proof" as truth, the detail Ms Dale has put into her investigation is impressive at the very least.


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