I Am Giant embark on final NZ tour

After a decade playing together, one of New Zealand's most successful rock bands is calling it quits.

I Am Giant have just released their third album, Life in Captivity, and have returned to our shores from London for their final tour.

"It's time to make way for some younger bands and stuff, and do something new," says founding member Paul Matthews.

"Some people have grown up with our songs, so it's cool," says drummer Shelton Woolwright.

"We think we've made our mark on the NZ music industry and other parts of the world so we're happy with that, we're really really happy with that."

The band nearly broke up a couple of years earlier, after losing its lead vocalist.

"I thought well that is probably it there," says Matthews.

"But we did a show at Homegrown and our guitarist Aja stepped up on lead vocals and he was really great, the show was really great, so he (Shelton) was like 'we can do another album!'"

So another album they did - but after making Life in Captivity, they knew it would be their last.

"Paul and I have been doing music for a long time. It's not that we're going to stop doing it, it's just time to do something else," says Woolright.

And while they'll miss being part of the band, it's given them plenty to look back on.

"When we toured with Slash and we went backstage after the gig, and he was standing there with his Gibson on, and he was like, 'Hey guys, I really like this riff', and he played one of our riffs!" recalls Matthews.

"It was pretty cool, him playing one of our songs," says Woolright.

Their New Zealand tour kicks off in Tauranga on Thursday and runs until April 22.

"We want to make sure that we go out with a bang and that we put on a really great show," says Matthews. "We're just going to have fun with this tour I think," says Woolright.

I Am Giant: Life in Captivity April tour dates

  • Thursday, April 5 - Tauranga
  • Saturday, April 7 - Wellington, Homegrown
  • Fridaym April 13 - Hamilton
  • Saturdaym, April 14 - Auckland
  • Thursday, April 19 - Nelson
  • Fridaym April 20 - Greymouth
  • Saturday, April 21 - Christchurch
  • Saturday, April 22 - Christchurch


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