'It's done its job': Stan Walker lauds 'incredible' response to cancer documentary

Stan Walker says the main thing he feels since opening up about his battle with stomach cancer is relief.

As guest host for The Project, the singer spoke about life since the ground-breaking documentary Stan aired on Three in March.

The fly-on-the-wall film followed Walker after he retired from public life due to a cancer diagnosis, and showed him grappling with having his stomach removed.

"I just feel relieved that I can talk about it now," he told his fellow hosts.

"I think the biggest thing for me is that it's doing what it needs to do, it's helping who it needs to help. People like me and people who are way worse than me, the families.

"I've been getting such incredible feedback from people and how it's helped them. So I think it's done its job."

One of the most difficult side effects of the disease was the way it affected his famous voice.

He says he hopes he'll be able to sing like he used to, but that it will be some time before it's 100 percent back to how it was.

"I sang last night and it was about 25 percent, but yeah it's coming back."

Walker will soon embark on a mini tour of two one-off shows, and has also promised to come out with new music.

Watch the full video on The Project.

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