'It was a weekend of firsts' - Dom Harvey opens up about first fight with new girlfriend

Dom Harvey has revealed more about his new relationship, opening up about the first argument between the pair over the Easter long weekend.

The Edge breakfast host first revealed he was seeing a new lady on air last month, after going through a public separation with his wife and on-air co-host Jay-Jay Feeney last year.

On Wednesday morning, the long-time morning host opened up about the "weekend of firsts" in his new relationship during an Easter road trip, comparing it to his previous marriage. 

"We had our first sort-of argument... Kind of,' Harvey fudged.

"It wasn't overly major but it's quite funny. When you've been with someone for years and years and then you get a new partner, you realise how set in your ways you are with a lot of things. There's things I did with Jay-Jay which just became my quirks or whatever, when you have a new relationship you realise 'oh ok, maybe that's not behaviour that other people understand'."

He said he realised he and his new girlfriend "may not be compatible road trip companions - the first road trip it's a testing time".

To his co-host who asked if the problem was his "speed and driving up the ass of other drivers?" Harvey admitted the speed of his driving was a problem.

"There was that and there was another thing - I probably do this all the time, I've never noticed it."

He told his cringing co-hosts how as his new girlfriend attempted to tell a story, Harvey heard an on-air promo for their own radio show.  "I put my hand up and gave her 'the stop hand' and said 'hold that thought' and turned it up so I could listen to it.

"When I turned it down I said 'sorry, as you were', and she said 'oh no it doesn't matter'."

As his co-hosts laughed, Harvey again compared it to being with Feeney.

"With Jay-Jay suppose she didn't mind because she was on the show as well, she had a vested interest."

Harvey didn't reveal the holiday location with the still unnamed woman, but it would appear the two were in Rotorua as he posted several Instagrams from there over the weekend. 



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