Johnny Danger leaves behind legacy of wild online videos

Kiwi social media celebrity Johnny Danger died on Wednesday and leaves behind a legacy of highly popular online videos.

He was killed after crashing his motorbike near the intersection of Dairy Flat Highway and Hobson Rd about 2:30pm.

Danger first made headlines for a 2013 stunt labelled "idiotic" and "reckless" by police, in which he rode across the Auckland Harbour Bridge on the roof of a taxi.

The iconic New Zealand location featured in another memorable moment on his Instagram account five years later.

It's unclear who is performing the stunt, but earlier this month Danger posted footage on his Instagram account of a motorcyclist pulling a wheelie over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

He labelled it a "world first" in the caption.

Two New Zealand Prime Ministers featured in Danger's social media accounts - sort of.

He drank beer with John Key and posted a video of it on Facebook two years ago, before posing with a painting of a Jacinda Ardern caricature holding his beer and doing the fingers earlier this year.

Danger amassed a large following on social media. His Facebook page has just under 300,000 likes and a recent comedic workout video he posted on it has attracted 3.4 million views.

After he launched his own beer, Dangers Lager, many of his social media posts were made to promote it. One features buxom bikini models on a beach, another Danger himself comically 'testing' the cans.

Tributes have flowed for Danger since the news of his tragic death was reported on.


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