Kanye West celebrated by right-wing conspiracy theorists over recent comments

  • 24/04/2018
Kanye West and Alex Jones.
Kanye West and Alex Jones. Photo credit: Getty / InfoWars

Kanye West's recent social media support for radical right-wing commentators is being celebrated by the notorious conspiracy theorists at InfoWars.

The broadcaster, famous for propagating fake news about terrorist attacks and mass killings being either staged or carried out by the US government, is praising the 'Gold Digger' hitmaker's tweets about "thought police".

After he publically endorsed conservative YouTube star Candace Owens, West has been invited onto an InfoWars broadcast by presenter Alex Jones.

"I admire your bold moves against the thought police. And if you want to see these control-freak vampires really go crazy, please join me on my broadcast," Jones said on Twitter.

Jones also posted a video in which he apologised for being wrong about West, who he "assumed was a Democrat and a globalist".

He also said he'd started listening to the rapper's music and "actually, a lot of it is pretty good".

Extreme anti-Islam, anti-feminism InfoWars contributor Paul Joseph Watson has also published an eight-minute video praising West's recent comments.

"Kanye has exposed how the left fans the flames of hysteria over racism to metaphorically keep black people on the plantation - to keep them docile and easily controlled," said Watson.

He then illustrated this point with a historical clip of West calling racism "a dated concept" and "not an actual thing".

Watson describes a feminist as "a woman who hates men because she is ugly on the inside and out and no one wants to be around her".

In his latest video, he says West becoming US president is a genuine possibility.

"You can change political destiny by hijacking culture. In case you haven't noticed, that's what I'm doing," Watson said.

"The mere threat of [West] derailing [a sinister left-wing] agenda to any degree, the mere fact that they don't control what comes out of his mouth is what keeps the high priests of pop culture awake at night."