Kardashians planning 'co-ordinated attack' on Tristan Thompson - report

The Kardashian family is reportedly planning a 'co-ordinated attack' on Tristan Thompson after allegations he cheated on pregnant Khloe made headlines around the world.

The NBA star has not publically responded to the stories, which have included videos that appear to show him making out with several mistresses.

Thompson was booed by some crowd members at his first public appearance since his the infidelity stories were published, as he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the New York Knicks.

Kardashian is "distraught" and "completely devastated" over the news reports, according to gossip media.

However, BET reports that "it's almost as if [Khloe and her family] were expecting this", adding they're "reportedly planning a co-ordinated attack on Tristan Thompson".

It's unclear what that attack would consist of - but depriving Thompson access to his new child is apparently part of it.

"Khloe is going for full legal and primary custody of her daughter," an unnamed source told Radar Online.

"Also, she's made up her mind to leave Cleveland following the birth, which her family and mum Kris is thankful for."

Kardashian is nine months pregnant and expected to give birth this month.


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