Married At First Sight Australia star Troy slammed for 'racist' Instagram

One of the stars of Married At First Sight Australia has landed himself in trouble after a controversial post on Instagram.

A video of Troy Delmege and fellow contestant Carly Bowyer - who were not originally paired together, but sparked a romance after the show came to a close - has attracted plenty of criticism online.

In the Instagram story, filmed at Melbourne International Airport, Troy explains that he "couldn't be more excited" for a trip for he and Carly were about to take to Bali.

"Can't wait to get the tan on, get some heat on me after being in Melbourne for a few weeks," he says.

However he then makes a contentious decision to liken Carly's anticipated post-Bali skin tone to that of an indigenous Australian.

"I'm going to be dark - she'll be darker, like an Aborigine!" he says with a smile, as Carly giggles alongside.

The remark has copped some flak online, with activist Tarneen Onus-Williams sparking a debate on Twitter after calling his comment "disgusting".

"Bloody annoyed that my brother had to film with these too (sic)," she wrote.

"Troy saying he's going to be tan like a real 'Aborigine'. The fact he's laughing about being Aboriginal is disgusting."

That tweet resulted in an aggressive onslaught aimed at Troy.

Troy and Carly are reportedly expecting a baby together later this year.


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