Meet Dynamo the man behind the magic

From the kid the bullies picked on to becoming one of the world's greatest magicians, it seems there isn't much Dynamo can't do.

Steven Frayne, better known by his stage name Dynamo, has walked on water, levitated over London and walked down the side of a skyscraper.

He wow's people everywhere he goes with his jawdropping magic. 

But none of this would have happened if it wasn't for his Grandpa showing him a few handy tricks to beat the playground bullies.

"I got into magic kind of by accident, growing up my Grandpa showed me these cool things, magic using matchboxes, very simple kind of stuff, I was always blown away by it, it was like my Grandpa was a bit of a wizard.

"I got a bit of hard time at school, I got bullied, and my Grandpa taught me these sort of techniques to help stop the bullies being able to push me around.

"The first thing he ever showed me was how to stop them picking me up because everyday at school they were picking me up and putting me inside the wheelie bin...then they would kind of kick it over, I would be in it and it was horrible and he showed me to how to stop them lifting me.

"I remember trying it for the first time thinking it better work, and it worked they couldn't get me off the ground and they got a bit freaked out by it.

"So then that kind of story spread around the playground and people thought I was some kind of demon child, so my Grandpa showed me some other things to use to scare people away.

Dynamo got through his schooling life using magic, and for the rest of his time at college he was constantly practising. He ended up dropping out to pursue it full time.

"For my whole school life I was able to get through it without getting in much trouble, but I was quite isolated, I got away with it, people were a bit weary of me, they thought I was weird, I guess you would if people started doing stuff like I was doing."

"When I left school and went to college and had a fresh start, on the first day introducing themselves like 'Hey I'm Paul, I do football... I'm John, I like skateboarding, Hey like I'm Steven and do magic and they're like magic?! 'Like show us some'."

Everytime he performs it's "exhilarating" as he never knows how people are going to react, Dynamo says. 

"I travel the world and meet so many people and still to this day, every single day I meet someone and perform magic and I still get surprised by the reactions and the difference in reactions from different people for different things. 

Dynamo will be performing three shows in New Zealand in July, which will be the first time he has performed on stage in this country.

And while his big magic is amazing the smaller magic is equally as astounding, which he says he is still learning every day to perfect. 

"I still feel like I'm a student of magic, I'm constantly learning, I'm always trying to put new magic into my shows and change things and bring magic to a whole new gen in a new way.

"I love trying new things, I love sharing crazy moments with people because I don't see my performance as me and them, I see it as us, when I walk onto the stage in front of 10,000 people I'm walking in with 10,000 people."


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