Mongrel Mob gang member who threatened James Rolleston apologises

The man behind a viral video of patched gang members insulting and threatening Boy actor James Rolleston has said sorry for his actions.

The apology came after furious members of the public took to the man's Facebook page and attacked him for his action.

"Ya moron.. Where do you guys get off doing that to somebody or anybody for that matter?.. What are you trying to prove?.. How disrespectful," one person wrote.

"All that bark made you lose any mana you had left," another said.

"Not only do you look weak to the country but also your whānau, race and tīpuna. Disappointing."

Following the barrage, the man wrote his own lengthy post about the incident, apologising for his actions and asking the public to leave him alone.

"I just [want to] take full responsibility for this video - it was really immature and stupid of me to do this," he said.

"I [want to] apologise to James for exposing him and stepping on his pride and dignity the way I did but I need to accept anything I can do can not [sic] change the results of this video."

He went on to say that when the video was filmed he was going through some hard times and this contributed to his behaviour.

"At this time I was going through a lot - I had lost my family and also my worth in life. I was at breaking point where I didn't really care about anything," he said.

"I am only human and just like everybody else I make mistakes and this was honestly a big one."


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