Record Store Day a vinyl collector's dream

In the last 10 years vinyl has gone from a music format that took up too much space in the attic to being a collector's item once again.

Key to the vinyl revival has been Record Store Day - celebrated Saturday by independent record stores all over the world, including here in New Zealand.

For independent music store owners, Record Store Day is bigger than Christmas.

"The whole week leading up to Christmas was still only a quarter of the earnings for the one day on Record Store Day," says Death Ray Records owner Apa Hutt.

Last year, it earned his Wellington store $10,000.

"People, they just get really addicted and like 'I've gotta have it' and it's great!' But I don't do it for the money. I do it for the community."

The first Record Store Day happened in the US in 2008, to celebrate the endurance of independent local stores and the customers that support them.

"These places shouldn't even exist today you know? With downloads, Spotify, and all that," says Mr Hutt.

"People are actually lining up at the door, in the morning - that never happens these days," says Marbecks owner Roger Marbeck.

Each year one-off exclusive vinyl records are released to promote the day, which people often pay upwards of $50 for.

"You've gotta come into your store to get them, it's first-come first-served, so it creates an absolute feeding frenzy!" says Mr Marbeck.

Founded in 1934, Marbecks is New Zealand's oldest record store - like vinyl it's seen everything else come and go.

"For a medium that actually was almost dead at one stage it's phenomenal. It's the only medium that's actually ever come back from the dead basically," says Mr Marbeck.

Mr Hutt thinks young people have their parents to thank for that.

"Here in New Zealand we're really good for passing on the heritage of things to our children."

And to encourage people to support stores like his and Marbecks, he's just released New Zealand's first ever record store guide - in the hope fans celebrate Record Store Day the other 364 days as well.