Reggae star Sammy Johnson under fire over 'mocking' video of fan

Sammy J Sammy Johnson
Sammy J Photo credit: Twitter/Sammy J

Musician Sammy Johnson is being criticised after posting a video online of a female fan that her family says is "degrading" and a form of "cyber-bullying".

The Kiwi reggae star was performing in Perth recently and posted a video of an audience member on Instagram with the caption, "If this is your aunty, can you come get her".

Newshub has viewed the video and chosen not to republish it, but can confirm it features a woman dancing and licking the top of a beer bottle.

Comments on the video before it was deleted.
Comments on the video before it was deleted. Photo credit: Instagram

Johnson can be heard saying "This lady... is scaring me" in the video, which attracted several comments on Instagram.

Selena Young is the daughter of the woman featured in the video and says her mother was mortified to discover it was racking up tens of thousands of views.

"She was crying... she was hurt. She was shocked that he did it because she had no idea he was filming," says Ms Young.

"My mum was supposed to go to her grandson's league game the next day, but she didn't - she missed it because she didn't want anyone to recognise her and mock her."

Sammy J Sammy Johnson
Comments on the video before it was deleted. Photo credit: Instagram

Johnson's manager Brett Goebel didn't deny the video had been published, but says he and his client have "no comment" on the matter.

Ms Young says after contacting the musician and his management the day the video was posted, it was removed some hours later.

Sammy J Sammy Johnson
Comments on the video before it was deleted. Photo credit: Instagram

A message from someone using Johnson's Facebook page sent to Ms Young reads: "I'm so sorry... It was all in good fun, your mum was the life of last night. No harm meant at all."

However, she says subsequent messages he posted on social media discredit that private apology.

"When he apologised, it didn't seem sincere because he just went and posted memes after that joking about it and threatening to post more videos. So it doesn't seem like a true apology," says Ms Young.

She says she wants a formal, public apology.

"This is wrong. What if it was a teenage girl who was going through issues who he did this to? Mum was just a fan in the audience. She's in her 50s and she was just enjoying herself," says Ms Young.

"Someone of his status shouldn't post things like that in public. Maybe if he recorded the video he could've just watched it and had a laugh, instead of posting it publically with a negative comment which made so many other people add their negative comments."

Johnson's songs include 'Don't Say Goodbye', which has over 14 million views on YouTube, and 'Don't Sleep Remix' which also features Snoop Dogg.


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