Taylor Swift savaged for cover of classic Earth, Wind and Fire's 'September'

Taylor Swift was once untouchable - the shining light of pop music, and an icon for young girls across the world to aspire to.

But fast-forward one nasty run-in with the Kardashians and a heavily criticised album later, and her reputation is somewhat in tatters - at least, compared to what it used to be.

The latest symbol of her demise comes courtesy of a new single she recently released following a recording session with music streaming service Spotify.

The single was a cover of legendary funk band Earth, Wind and Fire's best-known track, 'September' - and if you're a Spotify user, you can listen to it here.

Swift removed everything that makes the song a beloved karaoke classic - replacing the boisterous horns and guitar melodies with a sombre banjo line, and her own solemn voice.

Twitter users were quick to mock Swift for the cover.

But while many hated what she'd done to the track and most definitely weren't afraid to say it, Swift got acclaim for the cover from the person who perhaps matters most - the song's co-writer, Allee Willis.

"'September' was my first hit and favorite song of mine I ever have had the joy of being a part of," Willis told Billboard.

"Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae."


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