The best April Fool's pranks of 2018

A street name change to honour Ed Sheeran was one of the day's most successful pranks.
A street name change to honour Ed Sheeran was one of the day's most successful pranks, as reported by The New Zealand Herald. Photo credit: NZME

If there's one day when 'fake news' is acceptable, it's April Fool's Day.

Each year newspapers and websites publish a plethora of joke articles that aim to fool oblivious readers - and 2018 was no exception.

New Zealand had its fair share of local gags this year, showing that our little nation can pull off a prank with the best of them.

Here are our favourites from around the country:

Eden Park pulls the wool over our eyes

Eden Park Trust announced that Auckland's iconic stadium would become home to 10,000 lambs, even providing staged photos of the woolly new inhabitants to NZME.

The Trust kept up the ruse for a good six hours, before tweeting that the announcement was a prank.

Bid on a bite to eat

Inspired by the success of Uber Eats, Trade Me sent out a press release saying they would be letting users sell food on the website.

Trade Me Eats, set to launch on the non-existent April 31, would consist of a number of categories of food.

"It will include new items, used items, hot items, cold items, half-eaten items and artisan items," said spokesman Paul Ford.

"We’ll advise members on how to ensure their food is best packaged and sent too."

A couple of people expressed interested in becoming a 'VIP Kai Partner' on the company's Facebook page, but most seemed to cotton on to the prank.

In all honesty, we can see this business venture becoming a reality in the not too distant future - as long as people make sure to send their perishable items via chilly bin.

Ed Sheeran: More important than ANZACs

Dunedin's Ed Sheeran fever is still going strong ahead of his final show tonight, making for a convincing April Fool's prank.

Deciding that a giant mural featuring the flame-haired singer's face wasn't enough of a lasting tribute, the Dunedin City Council said they were considering renaming Anzac Ave to Ed Sheeran Ave.

Predictably, the joke didn't translate well online - many furious people took to social media to voice their outrage. Some said it disrespected fallen ANZAC soldiers, while others were simply tired of the city's celebrity worship.

The best April Fool's pranks of 2018
Photo credit: Facebook/NZ Herald
The best April Fool's pranks of 2018
Photo credit: Facebook/NZ Herald

They'll be pleased to learn that Anzac Ave is here to stay, even if Sheeran isn't.

When you wish upon Waiuku

The Urban List didn't let the serious publications have all the fun. The trendy go-to guide pulled off its own impressive prank by claiming that New Zealand would soon have its own Disneyland.

Located in the magical heart of Waiuku, the theme park would feature exclusive attractions such as a Kiwi-inspired Cinderella's castle, a new Moana ride and a restaurant featuring the creations of local chefs like Simon Gault and Al Brown.

The announcement of the arrival of the happiest place on Earth to our shores was so convincing, it fooled The AM Show's Aziz Al-Sa'afin.

Left of field

Retail NZ launched a fake campaign for Kiwis to have the right to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

General manager Greg Hartford said New Zealand's left-leaning road code came about "purely by historical accident", and communities should be able to explore driving on the right.

"Akaroa, for example, might want to express its French heritage by driving on the right; and it may simply be more convenient for areas with, say, a large American or Chinese population to drive on the right, reflecting the practice of people's home countries," he told NZME.

Otago Uni clocks on

The University of Otago published (quite badly Photoshopped) images of its iconic clock tower with a new face: a digital one. 

The school said the renovation was intended to move the clock "into the modern age", signing off with the hashtag #NewYearNewMe.

Trump tunes out of Twitter

In an international prank, Twitter's most famous troll appeared to leave the site.

The Independent reported that Donald Trump would no longer be using his account, as per a Saturday night announcement.

"Twitter was fun once BIG fun," the US President allegedly wrote.

"But I'm getting tired of the TROLLS (many of whom are douchebags). Got a big job to do putting America first. God bless Twitter & the almighty USA. Peace OUT!"

If the absurdity of the news wasn't enough, the lack of screenshots surely would have tipped off the average reader that this was indeed 'fake news'.

The Independent got in a further jab by quoting an alleged White House source as saying President Trump has "micro-fingers" which are too small to type out tweets on a smart phone.

Sadly for some, there's no indication that the 'commander-in-tweet' has any intention of leaving the site.